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Persistence, Discipline & How They Dictate Success

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

What are a few ingredients of the most successful people? Persistence, Planning and Discipline are three essential ingredients for success. Today we're going to dive a little bit deeper into the power of these qualities.

Plan with Ease

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now."

–– Alan Lakein, Author

Discipline and The Way

Doing difficult things daily has a direct correlation to your level of discipline. Discipline is the muscle that does the heaviest lifting of all. Lifting you out of bed an hour early so you can prepare breakfast and lunch so you aren't hitting #McDonalds midday because you're busy. Discipline is incredibly important when undergoing any major change in your life. It is required when the time comes to sacrifice effort, and discomfort now for success and pleasure later. The idea of the Yin & Yang is derived from the Taoist idea of The Way. The border between black and white, chaos and order is the optimal place for living. There will be obstacles in the way of any pursuit of a #goal deemed truly worthwhile. Developing discipline by choosing to do the things you Need to Do & Ought to Do will enable you the time and mental freedom to do the things you Want to Do.

The Power of Beginning

All it takes is to start, you don't have to start perfect or even well. Beginning the activities required to inch you closer to your goals is the most important step of all. Once begun, any pursuit truly worthwhile will begin to attract your effort, time and energy autonomously. The opinions and perceptions of others on #Tiktok, Instagram or our closest friends and family most often keep us from chasing a goal, idea or desire. This is the importance of beginning. Once begun some will view your pursuits negatively, so be it. The ones outside of the arena always have the tactics and techniques for #success while subsequently never stepping foot on the field. The positivity you receive in the form of personal satisfaction, confidence and success trumps any negativity that you’re confronted with.

Get Persistent

Persistence is a quality that like discipline, requires repeated practice to become more available when you need it. It is the quality that doesn't accept defeat, but learns from them and strategically alters course to put in more work. #Persistence is NOT aimlessly doing work not derived from passion or doing work that is half-hearted or untrue to your character. The obstacles that are bound to arise in your journey towards growth will require you to show up when you don't want to. Without persistence, one will only know failures and periods. Not commas, pauses or moments to regroup. On the other side of persistence is growth, learning and growth towards your goals.

Think about these qualities and how you're deploying them in your day-to-day life. One tool that can help you schedule your persistence, flex your discipline muscle and stay accountable is a N.O.W Daily Planner. With this all in one planner and accountability tool you can set important goals, build new habits and make progress towards your goals.

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