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Take advantage of compound interest with a Daily planner

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Rome wasn't built in a day

Written by: Mason Villeneuve

If you're familiar with compound interest in finance, you know that it's interest earned on interest. We're going to be talking about a different type of compound interest today.

I am talking about when the fruits of your labor ripen more often and sweeter due to your consistency in effort towards a meaningful goal. When you have a genuine aim you have decided you'd like to pursue you then need definite plans to achieve them. How else do we get anything done?

I recommend to utilize a daily or weekly planner to organize these goals into daily activities that push you 1% closer towards them. A planner enables you to look into the future and create some predictability. You can create some order and alleviate some of those feelings of "what the hell am I really doing here". Many across the world suffer from heightened feelings of anxiety, stress and feelings of overbearing responsibility and/or lack of purpose. Take five minutes a day to take a break and check in. Get out of your head and onto some paper. Whether you're vigorously chasing your goals or just trying to manage the responsibilities you have, a N.O.W Daily Planner has tools to be more accountable.

The quote "Rome wasn't built in a day." holds true to the power of consistent effort. Take your plans, even if they're as simple as improving your space and begin. There's enormous power in just starting. It's okay if you suck at first, and your ego probably won't be stoked for the new responsibility that's coupled up with your new plans, it's all normal. JUST START. After completing a few tasks that you've deemed are important enough and meaningful enough to do, you get a little charge. Keep charging your battery every day, it's okay if you didn't get it all done. We are often our worst critic and you will convince yourself at times that you aren't doing your thing the right way. Remember your dream and remember it's YOUR thing. You don't have the be the best at anything but you should try to be your best at being yourself. Keep doing your best while enjoying the process of transformation, even on the tough days. Before you know it, you're collecting compound interest towards your goals

Remember that time when you were feeling in your groove. When you were treating your body and mind nicer, your relationships were good, and you felt like things were really moving for you. That's your flow state, in other words you're collecting compound interest. When you're accountable to yourself and your goals each day, you become the person you're trying to be. When you're making meaningful experiences your coffee seems a little better, the weather is a little nicer and the people in traffic are less annoying. Not to mention the incremental progress you're making towards the "perfect" you that you're chasing. The N.O.W daily planner is a great tool to house your goals and daily plans. The activities included help you formulate goals, stay accountable, identify fears and more. Check it out now on

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