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Why College students should use a daily planner

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Written By: Mason Villeneuve

Students are struggling to find direction

Being a college student myself I have a real understanding of the effects it can have on motivation and purpose. Some students are naturally very driven with ideas of their future career and purpose. I didn't fit into this category. I have always been a good student but I struggled heavily with feelings of aimlessness and lack of purpose in college. While my high school friends we're seeing the world, helping others in need and experiencing "life" I was running a semi-realistic trial run on the real world. For the first three years of university college I was going through the motions, maintaining good grades, but with zero fulfillment or purpose. I was struggling during and after COVID to make meaningful personal experiences. Making meaningful experiences in college isn't limited to that time you thought impressed the cute blonde at the PIKE function by taking a seven-second pull off of a bottle of Titos. I'm talking about different kinds of meaningful experiences like discovering another passion in videography, surfing, volunteering, or whatever you love! Experiences that open doors to a new career, passion or direction in life, these are the true stimulants we should be high on.

Ask the tough questions

I was able to combat these feelings by taking inventory of myself, aiming high, and sticking to a plan. I'm still figuring myself out day by day. My best advice to college students struggling with feelings of aimlessness is to evaluate your life. Evaluate the friends you're spending time with, how you're treating your body and mind, and if your life reflects the position you're aiming for. Take inventory of your passions, do they align with your degree? Does your college experience relate to your career plans? Are you a marketing major because Mom or Dad said you are? The answers to these questions will guide your plan towards the person you're aiming to be.

Aim High.

Use your self-analysis to guide plans towards your ideal state/job/friend group/personal state. If you're feeling bogged down and completely lacking direction thats OKAY! It's a little bit crazy to think that you're supposed to know exactly what you want from life at the age 18-22. The feelings of anxiety, and hopelessness that comes with college are normal. Don't worry, make a plan to get yourself one percent closer to your goals tomorrow. Even if you don't know what you want or how you'll get there a planner can help you find footing in the dark.


After taking stock of who you are, what you want and how you'll get there you need to make a plan! Without making a plan we're merely walking blindfolded towards our goals, who knows how misguided we can become that way. I'm sure you and I both have seen a TikTok or Instagram post and been like: "damn, I really should start/stop doing _____ " and that day or the next we habitually did whatever _____ is. This feeling is the worst.....

Using A N.o.w. Planner to Stay Organized and Consistent

I use a planner to keep myself on track towards my goals, it really helps me stay accountable towards my goals. I recommend it highly for college students to keep some order in their lives while soaking up all those impromptu experiences that make college fun. The N.O.W Daily Planner is my hub for my goals, plans and thoughts day-to-day. We as college students are so overloaded with stimuli from the internet. TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, do I need to list more??? We're constantly using these apps, so taking a break to tap into my goals on paper gets me out of my head and onto the page. The N.O.W Daily Planner is perfect because it includes many of the activities we mentioned earlier! There are pages designed to identify bad habits & negative influences as well as goal planning, habit install, and statements of desire pages to get you moving towards your new goals and new life!

more time, more productivity

After using a N.O.W Daily Planner, you'll find that you achieve your goals consistently and save yourself time while becoming increasingly productive. It's okay to miss days, forget to plan, get to busy etc! This is life and this stuff can be crazy. The benefits extend beyond the page into the new person you're working to become. The N.O.W. Daily Planner is simply the hub for your self-improvement that guides your effort towards your goals and keeps you accountable to your best self.

Format of the daily planning pages-Coming September 2022

The N.O.W. Daily Planner is easy to follow and open formatted for use at anytime in the year.

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