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Next Moves N.O.W Daily Planners combine the best of planners and journals

Priority Planning System N.O.W

Journal-Style Goal Setting & Activity Pages

Quality Hardcover Planner 

Time Management & Organization Tools

We make daily planners with goal setting tools to help you find alignment.

Designed because. Me too.

I know what it's like to be overwhelmed with a seemingly endless list of responsibilities. Pile on distractions and a lack of clearly defined goals and no wonder you're feeling stressed and without time for yourself. What you need is alignment, of mind, body and aims. 

The planner for the job.

Packed inside this undated daily planner is a set of self actualization activity templates that help you build new habits, design goals, structure I ought to statements, identify your bad habits and more.

Integrate your new insights into your N.O.W planning system every day to prioritize your responsibilities and goals while intentionally making time for your wants. 

Benchmark your progress weekly through recaps and set new weekly intentions and goals to keep you present and on track.

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Accountability Tools for Increased Productivity 

N.O.W. Daily Planners help you save time and become more productive by organizing your responsibilities while providing needed focus on work toward your goals and leisurely activities

Break The Cycle 

Do you feel like your days are full to the brim, but empty in nature? 

N.O.W Planners are the perfect tool to optimize your schedule and increase productivity. 

Utilizing the N.O.W. Planning System will enable you to squeeze more out of your days and put bigger numbers on the board. The planning process is broken down into three easy steps that help you rank your tasks by importance. By understanding the "why" behind your tasks you're more likely to follow through with completing them during your day. We've coupled this planning system with plenty of space to time-block events during your day. 

Take a peek at more mindfulness

Take a break from overstimulation and check in with yourself. The N.O.W. Daily Planner gets you out of your head and onto the page, giving you more time and focus to achieve your goals. The constant pace of social media and the world can cloud your ambitions. Take some time to reflect on the week and to make new plans.

Best Value

Planner Re-Order



Every 180 days

Get your N.O.W Daily Planners auto-delivered every 180 days.

Valid for 360 days

N.O.W Daily Planner

Never Off Track Tee (1st purchase only)

Get your planners on a 180 day basis. 

Forget the hassle of re-ordering a daily planner

Next Moves N.O.W. is here to help you take the next step in your life. Our unique service offers the chance to get a new planner every 180 days, saving you over 30% in total. Start now and get ahead on your goals with the N.O.W Planner Subscription 

Say Goodbye to Brain Fog 

  • Take control of your day by prioritizing tasks in the "Need to do" category using a N.O.W. Daily Planner.

  • Achieve your goals by planning tasks in the "Ought to do" category and taking actions that move you forward.

  • Use the "Ought to do" category for introspection and thoughtful planning that helps you succeed.

  • Don't forget to make time for things you truly enjoy and want to do - it's important for personal fulfillment.

  • The N.O.W. Planner is not judgmental and allows for flexibility - it's okay to miss events or forget to plan certain days

  • Incremental progress is key to being the best version of yourself, and the N.O.W. Planner can help you achieve it.

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