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Weekly recap page in N.O.W Daily Planner.

A planner for the art of living

The best planner for those balancing life.

Bring the inside, outside
Tap into the passions, goals and aspirations that make you unique. Discover your fears, develop long term goals, identify bad habits and set a path toward better with a N.O.W. Daily Planner. Make your schedule your friend again by putting yourself and your goals first. By increasing the alignment in your values and your plans you'll experience more meaning and more productivity. There's just time and what you do with it, what's your N.O.W? 

Need to do
Ought to do
Want to do
It's that simple.

The First Order of Business Collection 

Balance Order & Chaos

Say goodbye to days without purpose, direction or growth. Say hello to a planner that will get you jumpstarted towards your goals. Don't have goals? N.O.W Daily Planners got you covered. 14 included Self-actualization activity pages will help you know yourself. You'll be better equipped to set goals that align with your values and aspirations. We've designed our activities to take your planner use to the next level. They're unique, thought provoking and will spark your creativity. By integrating them into your daily routine, you'll soon be the person you're trying to be. Read more about our unique activities designed to take your planner use to the next level below!

Combining the Planner and the Journal

Individual growth with N.O.W daily planner and accountability tool

Manage your time more efficiently 

Increase your productivity 

Find meaning in your days 

Increase alignment between your goals and plans 

Room for spontaneity and new plans

Stay connected with your inner voice through activity pages 

The First Order of Business Collection Embodies The Mission of Next Moves N.O.W. 

Our 180 day undated planner is the perfect companion for achieving your goals. Our N.O.W. planning template helps you break down larger goals into smaller and more achievable tasks, giving you the structure you need to make progress. With template activity pages for self-growth and goal formulation, you'll have the tools to get the most out of each day and reach your goals faster. With our planner, you can take charge of your goals and start your journey to success.

Fill your day with meaning, not empty tasks 

Align Yourself 

As a college student, I often had busy days with a lot to do, but I realized that many of my activities lacked purpose. I wanted to align my daily life with my passions and values that inspire me. The N.O.W Daily Planner's Self-Actualization activities helped me reflect on myself and keep my goals in mind. One of the biggest reasons people struggle to find meaning in their lives is because they don't incorporate their passions into their plans and daily routines.

Prioritize & Execute 

Effective planning is key to achieving your goals and making the most of your time. The N.O.W. Daily Planner is designed to help you prioritize your responsibilities and allocate time to the things you need, ought, and want to do. By incorporating the N.O.W. system into your daily routine, you can simplify your planning process and create order from a chaotic schedule. The N.O.W. system reduces ambiguity and aligns your plans with your goals, making it easier to stay on track and make progress towards what matters most to you. Try the N.O.W. Daily Planner today and see the difference it can make in your life!

N.O.W Daily Planner spread open in the activity page journal template section.

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