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How to use your planner effectively 

How to use the N.O.W Daily Planner
Class - LED 411 
Homework / Study 
Lower Body Workout 
Watch Shark Tank 
Get coffee in the morning 
Nap before work 
Contact Janelle for notes on class 
Register for career fair 

Need to Do 

List your responsibilities here. Any of the unwavering commitments you've made to your job, family, self or craft should be planned here. The need to do category is perfect for "time blocking" the times you know you'll be committed to those activities. This will leave you blocks of time to delegate to your Ought to do & Want to do plans. 
  • Work
  • School 
  • Parenting Responsibilities 

Ought to Do 

The Ought to Do category is for things that you know could better you if completed today. These are often the things we convince ourselves to ignore or procrastinate. Plan the actions that inch you toward your goals here. Great things are built 1% at a time, this category is made for that 1% and to keep you aligned to your goals. Use this category to commit to new habits and practice being the person you're aiming to be.

Want to Do 

The want to do should be easy! We've all got things we'd like to do today. Personally I love to use this category to plan the little moments of satisfaction in my day. For instance, after my need and ought to do's I like to watch Netflix with my roommates or play some video games. Life is about balance and planning is no different. Plan some moments of gratitude, to tell a friend you care about them, or to just chill for a while. Whatever you do, theres a N.O.W. Plans for  you. 

 Choosing Up.

It's amazing to set high goals for yourself. 
When it comes time to commit to these goals and do the things required to reach them, it gets tough. The world has a special way of making things difficult when we're in times of growth. 
Choosing up is deciding to commit and do the things to achieve your goals. These things are often scary, or elicit feelings of doubt, anxiety and worry. On the other side of these obstacles is the glory of meaningful achievement, however you measure it. 
When using your N.O.W planner, choose up with your time blocks and plan those activities you could do today to pay you dividends tomorrow. 

Don't Know Your N.O.W? 

Start With Your Responsibilities

Start with the things you're obligated to do today. Work, School, Meetings or any other commitments. You know you have to do them, let's start there. 

Rectify What You Can.

Look around and inside to start fixing things around you. Start as close to yourself as cleaning your room/space. Improving your hygiene and other habits Work outward and accomplish one small goal at a time.

Don't Start Perfectly.

There will never be that perfect moment, opportunity or condition. Start today and start small if need be. More is lost by indecision than wrong decision. 

Weave Your Passion into Your Plan 

Find ways to do the things you care about. Think of ways to weave your passions into your work or create time to do explore your interests. 

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