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College Prep Tools for Success

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These are the tools I wish I had known about...

When I entered college in 2019 I was unprepared for the lifestyle and work habit changes I had to make. My lack of a plan and the systems and tools to support it led to me almost burning out during my first semester of school.

Set yourself or your student up for success by utilizing the right schedules, tools and campus resources. We're going to dive into some tools that save college students time and ensure they're prepared to succeed at their university.

Craft Perfectly Polished papers

We're all sending texts📲 emojis 😱 and abbreviations in "ur" speech but our emails, papers and professional forms of communication shouldn't match! If you're not a proofreading perfectionist small (or large) errors can slip by in your writing. In college, correct grammar and punctuation is graded! Small mistakes in this department could have you or your students losing precious grade points when there's a simpler solution.

Grammarly is a free to use software that provides spell and grammar checking, outlines and sources to cite! This software was a huge help during college for my paper writing and for sending emails. Nobody wants a spelling error in an email sent to a professor, advisor or faculty member!

time management tools for students

One helpful tool college students don't utilize enough are daily or weekly planners. Planners are helpful for students because they provide a visual template for them to see their due dates, meetings and free time.

Students who flounder during their first year of college are likely not utilizing an effective system of managing their time. These tools come in many formats like apps, physical planners, or good old fashioned sticky notes! (You'd need a lot of those!)

There are even daily planners that combine aspects of journaling to enhance mindfulness, help students articulate their goals and retain a sense of presence during the semester. Sometimes college can become overwhelming with assignments, social pressure and forming new relationships; it's nice to have a tool to connect with yourself away from those conditions.

Free Organization Guide

Maximize your Study Potential📈

College and studying are synonymous. If you're like me and studying notes is difficult for you, try these tools out to help. Quizlet was one of my favorites during college. It took the time out of creating flashcards and study sets on paper. This free website lets you create terms and definitions for your courses.

You can also create quizzes and play games with your terms to make studying more effective, and less mundane. This is especially helpful during the first two years of college where students are likely taking fact-based more general courses.

try new things to find alignment

Getting involved in college is not as hard as many think it is. In fact, your college WANTS you to participate in campus events. If your student or you're going to a public university, there is most likely an array of clubs, events or groups to participate in.

I know there's so much going on right now. Wether you're about to head to college or you've just begun your journey, it's hectic. I know what it's like to wade the waters of meeting new people, performing well in class and actualizing your personal goals.

These things don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Events on campus or clubs can be quite intimidating at first, what you can't see yet is the massive difference they'll make in your enjoyment, and fulfillment in college. Bite the lemon. Watch out for event flyers and visit information sessions! Start with trying things that interest you most, everyone there is looking for people like you.

benefits of getting involved
  1. You meet new people and form relationships you previously wouldn't have made

  2. You will make connections through involvement that lead to opportunities like job offerings or meeting hiring managers and thought leaders in your shared space

  3. Participation in group projects/clubs makes you feel good.

  4. You can make a large impact on your local community or larger mission through group involvement

  5. You develop leadership skills and other useful professional qualities.

Tools i wanted to mention

  • Note taking apps like Microsoft Word or Google Docs

    • These may be provided by your college

  • Online learning platforms like Kahn Academy

  • Study groups and forums

    • Reddit and Quora are two great resources to find study groups to connect with students in similar courses. However it is best to find students in your classes or at your college to study with.

To be ready for College:

The tips I've listed here today are awesome for getting prepared for college. They're going to help you manage your time more effectively, experience greater satisfaction and enhance your productivity as a college student. Most importantly, the college experience truly is what you make it. There are countless personal and professional opportunities awaiting you. The trick is aligning your personal goals with your college experience. This happens through courageous exploration of different opportunities. Keep putting yourself out there by meeting new people and putting yourself in positions to succeed. The reward for these decisions comes in the form of professional opportunities like job opportunities, mentorship, and professional connections you never know when you'll need. Personally you will experience more fulfillment in life when your life matches your design for it!

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