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Pages of Mindfulness: College Students Should be Using This

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

It can be tough out here.
n.o.w daily planner with elastic band and pen loop

I learned during my years at The University of North Carolina Wilmington that it's not easy to balance a social life, school and a part time job. To the students that can effectively manage their responsibilities while making time for themselves, I applaud you. I wasn't that student. For the first two and a half years at UNCW I floated through my general - ed classes. I was a good student, but never got involved or chose to explore the resources available to myself. My problem, and the problem of many college students is their alignment.

Get Aligned.

They aren't aligning their personal goals/interests to their activities in university and in their personal/professional lives. Many college students are still figuring out their direction for their degree and their careers. This comes with the anxiety around what choices they're going to make after college and before graduation. To get the most out of the college experience you have to get involved with others that share similar interests as you. We're often too timid to get involved or go to an interest meeting because of fears we won't like others, or won't fit in ourselves. This is all resistance talking. Taking the first step towards an interest meeting, going to that basketball game or sparking up a conversation with a local club/greek life or other association can lead to many opportunities. Making the choice to find your niche in college will pay you back with great friends, work/career experiences and professional connections that will benefit you more than you can guess.

That's great, but how do i get aligned?

Don't worry, I asked myself the same question when I was a junior at UNCW. The answer is the N.O.W Daily Planner, a planner & journal hybrid that helps you organize your life and prioritize your goals. This planner is exactly what I needed when I was a student. The self-actualization activities are designed as templates to help you formulate goals. They also run you through activities where you design new habits, create desire statements and identify your fears/vices. Many college students are so caught up in trying to figure out who they are

that they don't stop to ask themselves who they're trying to be. By doing a self-audit you'll find out more about yourself and what you want for the coming period of your life. This is incredibly beneficial and sometimes scary to some. It's okay to not know exactly what you want in life, that would be abnormal. In these activity pages you are simply designing a life that's attainable, and better according to your terms. So whatever better is to you, start there. Some students build basic habits like eating three meals daily, or getting up routinely before nine. It's your life and your planner, we just provide the templates.

Our system supports your alignment.

The N.O.W Daily Planner uses a planning system for each daily page. You plan what you 1) Need to do 2) Ought to do 3) Want to do. This system was designed to help you weave in those habits and activities you designed to help you reach your goals. The ought to do category is perfect for these things. A clean system of prioritization and plenty of empty space for time-blocking and note writing is the best template for planning. We kept our approach undated and simple, allowing for you to design your day exactly how you see fit.

Did I also mention there's daily quotes on every page? Yeah and these don't suck actually, they're from musicians, philosophers, businesspeople, and actors you actually know and recognize.

Mindfulness done easily.

One of the main benefits of daily planning is mindfulness. When students plan their day ahead of time, they are more likely to be present and focused in the moment. They can avoid distractions and prioritize their time more effectively. This leads to a sense of calmness and clarity, which can improve their mental health and well-being. Additionally, daily planning helps students become more organized.They can keep track of important deadlines, assignments, and meetings, which reduces the likelihood of forgetting important tasks. No more of those heart-stopping moments when you realize you forgot to submit an assignment. By staying organized, students can reduce their stress levels and feel more confident in their ability to succeed. If you or a student you know is struggling with the busy college schedule and finding their footing check out the N.O.W Daily Planner below.

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